Thursday’s Thirteen Things I Love #12

I have been afraid to dive back into writing.  I’ve hesitated to pick up my pen or my computer and get some words flowing.   Do you ever feel like when you get out of the swing of something it takes twice or three times as much self-talk to get yourself back in the game again?  Ugh.  I hate that.  Some weeks, like these last two or three, I’ve been running low on sleep and in turn, lowwwww on energy and my capacity is not just enough to keep us all “clean” and fed and afloat, so-to-speak.  I sit here in my sun room with the windows open, though, and as the leaves on the trees sway and drop, I am able to breathe deeply and thank the Lord for this crazy life.

  1. I’m thankful that my son woke up this morning with vomit all over the bed and pillows because he woke up and he is mine and he needed me. His sad little body collapsed into mine as I carried him to the bathtub to wash up.  I love the reality that our God longs for us to need Him and come to Him and helplessly depend on Him to clean us in our messes.
  2. I love doing fall things—going to the apple orchard, going for crunchy walks, making lots of hot drinks, picking out pumpkins, raking up the zillinos of leaves that fall in our yard…It makes me feel warm inside.
  3. Notice how I didn’t include fires in the fireplace in number two? That’s because I love them so much that I decided to give them a spot all to themselves.  Here it is:  I love, love, LOVE having a fire in our fireplace.  We have a wood burning stove, so it’s amazing how the heat grows throughout our main level.  The absolute best.
  4. I love feeding Esmae baby food! It’s been so exciting to see what she likes and doesn’t like and her sweet eagerness to eat!  On a side note:  she is a way neater eater than Martell ever was—or still is…
  5. I love Martell’s current obsession with the movie Robin Hood. There’s something about a good old Disney classic that makes me so proud of him for loving it.  None of that newfangled Pixar stuff—we’re talking cartoon Robin Hood.  Oodalolly!
  6. I love making soups and stews in autumn. I made butternut squash soup last night when some friends came over.  I forgot how intensive it is to make it!  Butternut squash takes forever to cut and peel and seed and steam…It was worth it, but sheesh, take it easy on me squash–I’ve got a lot going on in life, okay?
  7. I love when people ask for us to pray for them. What an honor to be doing life together in that way—to be rubbing up alongside one another in the real stuff of life.  We need the deep compression of community huddled in close—it keeps us standing; strong and surrounded by the truth.
  8. I love group fitness classes—I love being pushed to work harder than I would all by myself. Maybe it’s a silly thing to be thankful for, but it’s real.  Fitness classes have my heart forever.  It’s the dancer in me perhaps.
  9. I love emptying the vacuum canister to see all the hard work the vacuum and I did together. #bestbuds
  10. I love when Gabe offers to rub my feet. While he doesn’t do a masterful job, I’ll take all the feet rubs I can get.  Plus, practice makes perfect, right?
  11. I love listening to audiobooks. I am ALWAYS open to suggestions.  There’s something about being engrossed in a story that makes mundane time pass in a rich, full, dare I say productive? way.
  12. I love when shoes just-so-happen to be both cute and comfortable at the same time. I have big feet, so if the shoes make my feet look a little smaller as well, that’s a huge bonus.
  13. Finally, I love cheering on my friends as they do amazing things. My friend Emily is killin’ in over at  She is a fashion designer with a purpose—being real and helping women feel empowered to do their jobs well.  The picture featured is me wearing her shirt that says, “Adventuring is Not for the Faint of Heart.”  Love it because it’s true—on any given “adventure” there’s always a diaper that gets blown out, an eye that gets poked, a shoe lost, a “low fuel” light that comes on as the baby is screaming, and an epic argument over getting lost.  I also love this shirt because, practically—it’s soft and versatile and it works with just about any accessory—a simple necklace or one that makes a statement—jeans or a skirt.  You should check out her over on Insta as well.  What a dear friend who knows the heart of God.  Keep on doing what you do, Em.  You are so brave.  I admire your courage!

Can you believe it?  Thursday’s Thirteen on none other than THURSDAY!

The weekend is so soon. You’ve got this, friend!

  • Emily October 13, 2016 at 9:51 pm

    Ahhhhh. You sweet sweet thing. ??

    And I hope Martel is doing better!

  • DOrothy Waldee October 14, 2016 at 8:27 am

    HI, Lindsay. just want to let you know how much I enjoy reading your thoughts. ITs a real gift to be able to express how life is and to see Gods hand in it all. YOu are in the best days of your life, when your children are small and so in need of you. I suppose every stage of life has its downs and its compensations but you help me remember how it was when my children were small. SUch formative years they are and very important!! keep on giving it your best and Gods blessings!!! love you!