Thursday’s Thirteen Things I Love #11

Well, it’s become a new tradition that my Thursday’s thirteen come out on any day except Thursday.  I’m not sure if you read my post a couple weeks back about the web that is my life, and needing to choose the things that gave life rather than the things that don’t, but I felt as though last week my family needed me, and posting here was “off the table,” so-to-speak.  We have survived the dreaded season-change-colds, the laundry apocalypse, and the helping to throw a baby shower for a dear friend.  I’ve emerged and am none other than thankful.

  1. I love cinnamon.  I love it in my coffee, on my sweet potatoes, in my donuts–you know, all of life’s most important things.
  2. I love cool weather that requires sweaters.  You can walk outside and not get sweaty while also feeling like moving keeps you just warm enough.
  3. I newly love the YMCA.  Last week we got a membership, and I swear, just having the kids in someone else’s care for somewhere between one and two hours is a game changer.  I can take care of me! 
  4. I love putting down my phone and letting go of social media for a while.  It’s important for me to engage presently and to stop worrying about those around me.  As an amateur blogger, it’s way too easy to get stuck in the, “I’m just a dime-a-dozen these days” kind of mindset, and fear that the ways I’m pouring out my heart here is insignificant.  Social media can put me on a hamster wheel of thoughts that tell me I’ll never be “successful”.  No, Facebook and Instagram, I won’t give you that power.
  5. I love the sacredness of early morning.  There is something about it that is shut off from the pull of the world around me.  I feel free to have a quiet mind and quiet heart before all the people are stirring.
  6. I love lattes.  I rarely allow myself to indulge, but if and when I so choose to, I get a latte with honey and cinnamon (obviously).
  7. I love being reminded of God’s kindness through the heartbeat of women in my life.  Ladies, thanks for your honesty and willingness to let go of superficial expectations.  It is in the hollows of honesty that we can truly feel our lives and press into one another for the courage to keep on living it well.
  8. I love the new NBC show, This is Us.  Finally, to be pulled into a present show that I can watch faithfully!  Tuesday nights, people.  There can be community in television right?
  9. I love the earnestness with which Esmae adores her older brother.  I swear to you, if her legs and feet worked for transportation, she would be glued to his side wherever he went.  It makes my heart into the consistency of mashed potatoes.  Hold it together, mama.
  10. I love fleece footie pajamas on my babes more than anything.  In fact, we go days without taking them off when the weather cools like this.  I have a funny story about footie pajamas that some of you may know.  Only if you ask nicely will I share it…
  11. I love slow mornings with kiddie baths–sweet Esmae in the sink is killer.
  12. I love reunion-ing with women from high school and college.  What a gift it is to have women who’ve seen me through all the stuff of life and have stayed unwaveringly by my side.
  13. I love that the edges of some of our trees are starting to turn the colors of fall.  Fall was my mom’s favorite season.  She is somehow nearer when the air is crisp and the crunch under my feet is strong.

So happy Thursday on Monday.  Wishing I could send you the coffee or tea drink of your choice right about now!