Loved Mess

I’m a sucker. I pick my son up from daycare and he carries his picture to the car. I strap him in, get in the driver’s seat and he reaches up to me over his head with said picture saying: “Mama, Mama! Here. A picture! I made it……for you. It’s for you, Mama!”

As you can see, the picture is far from beautiful, and his coloring at this point is far from skilled.  But these scribbles mean something to him and now they do to me too.  How can someone so small hold my heart so tightly?  You know, God delights in our scribbles, too, even though He designed the beauty and wonder that is this world? Blows. My. Mind.  Even in my scribbly, messy, outside-of-the-lines life, God delights, and that feeling of a squeezed heart?  He has that too. Thank you, Jesus.